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Family Preparedness

Emergency preparedness for natural disasters, man-made hazards and acts of terrorism is everyone’s responsibility. There are a few simple steps each person can take to be better prepared. These steps include obtaining an emergency kit, making an emergency plan, and staying informed.

Build a Kit

Emergency supplies for at least 3 days (ideally for 7 days) should be kept on-hand and stored in an easily accessible area. The supplies should be stored in a carry bag or plastic container. Your kit should include: 1 gallon of water per person per day, non-perishable food, manual can opener, blankets, clothing, battery-operated radio, flashlight, extra batteries, a first aid kit, and any special needs equipment (e.g., glasses, denture supplies, hearing aids and batteries, etc.) Prescription medications should be kept together in a safe place. A list of the medications with dosages should be included in the kit. Also, keep copies of important documents or records with your kit. These documents may include: wills insurance or Medicare cards; contracts; deeds; stocks and bonds; passports; social security cards; birth, marriage, and death certificates; bank and credit card account numbers, and immunization records. Store these documents in a waterproof container.

Make a Plan

Prepare an emergency plan so you will have a predetermined course of action for yourself and your family. Create an emergency contact list, including family or friends who live outside your immediate area or out of state. Keep the list near your telephone. Transportation needs should be established. Determine alternate means of transportation in case the primary method is not available.

Be Informed

Probably one of the most important things you can do during a disaster is to stay informed. Stay tuned to your television or radio for important emergency alert system (EAS) messages and other related information. These messages may include weather watches, warnings, sheltering instructions, or evacuation information. If possible, obtain a weather radio that provides weather updates 24 hours a day.

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