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Required for the installation, reconstruction, or resurfacing of a driveway or any portion thereof. For driveways entering onto a State road, PennDOT in Lancaster should be contacted.
Required for any building project within the township
including:  Single homes, trailers, decks,
swimming pools, silo's,  gazebo's etc.  Permit fees do apply
The Property Tax/Rent Rebate program benefits eligiblePennsylvanians age 65 & older; widows & widowers age 50 & older; & people with disabilities age 18 & older.
All documents that qualify as public records are availablefor inspection upon request with submission of the appropriate form.
Utilized to allow consideration of property uses which do not fall under the standard zoning ordinances.  Applications are evaluated on an individual basis.
A written request to appear before the Zoning Board in order to appeal a decision rendered by the
township  zoning officer.
Application for a permit to install, maintain, operate & use a holding tank for sewage collection.
Detailed instructions about how to fill out form PA-1000, who qualifies for the rebates, & how qualification is determined

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